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Age differences in measures of functional movement and performance in highly trained youth basketball players


The ability to perform high intensity actions (HIA) is an important prerequisite for successful participation in most team-sports.1,2 Several authors have shown that HIA such as acceleration,3 maximum running speed,4 change of direction ability (CODA)4 and explosive power5 are related to match performance and competitive level. Specifically, 83% of goals in soccer are preceded by at least one powerful action made by the scoring or the assisting player.6 Furthermore, international basketball players perform significantly more HIA than their national counterparts.7 Thus, power and speed abilities seem to be relevant in decisive situations in team-sports. Functional movement tests (FMT) examine the ability of the body to move through sufficient range of motion (ROM) to perform dynamic tasks and include the weight-bearing dorsiflexion test (WB-DF) and the Star Excursion Balance test (SEBT). It is worth noting that a limited WB-DF score and a substantial between-limbs difference in the anterior direction in the SEBT seem to indicate a greater injury risk in several pathologies.8

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