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The Heart of Basketball: A Dynamic and Transformative Program Design for Chinese Youth


Chinese participation in educational overseas programs has steadily increased over the past several years. Chinese parents and youth see these types of programs, specifically short-term programs, as a means to gain exposure to a foreign country and its culture before possibly studying in that country. This capstone paper explores the value of such programs by examining their long-term impact while considering other factors that may influence Chinese desire to participate in these programs. The research in this paper reveals that overseas youth programs that incorporate sound pedagogy and elements of experiential learning in their design have potential to be successful in creating the meaningful intercultural experiences that Chinese parents and their children seek in short-term overseas programs. Furthermore, a program that recognizes cultural interests that appeal to Chinese youth have the potential to be successful. The findings in this capstone paper support the development of The Heart of Basketball; a short-term overseas youth program that promotes personal development and cross-cultural competencies in its participants via a basketball-based pedagogy. A partnership with an American high school opens the door to the school’s internationalization efforts and fulfills the participants’ parents’ preference that their children experience the culture of the region in which they intend to send their child to study in the future.

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