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Impacto de la discapacidad intelectual en el rendimiento del baloncesto a través de la opinión de entrenadores y árbitros: un enfoque cualitativo


Basketball for players with intellectual impairment (II) is not included as a Paralympic modality due to the lack of evidence based eligibility systems to ensure that only athletes with significant limitations performing basketball participate in II-competitions. Eligibility systems in II-basketball are under development but is necessary to investigate the impact of the impairment in basketball. The aim of this study was to know the point of view of II- coaches and referees about the limitations of their players and the components that should be considered as eligibility criteria. Qualitative method was used in our research. For that 5 open questions were elaborated based on the components of the game identified in the literature. 47 coaches and 6 referees were interviewed through an online survey. The findings of this study indicated that tactical aspects was the component in which II-players present more limitations and should discriminate between eligible and no eligible players followed by technical skills, emotional aspects and cognitive aspects. Physical and motor skills were not considered as limitation but specific positions and roles during the game could be influenced by these components. These results as well as other similar studies that show the opinion of coaches and referees should be taken into consideration to orientate future research to develop evidence-base eligibility systems in this sport.

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