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Relationship of body mass status with running and jumping performances in young basketball players


Purpose: The main purpose of this study was to examine the relationship of body mass (BM) status with running and jumping performances in young male basketball players. Results: the results indicated significant and large differences among age groups in BM, height, body mass index (BMI), fat mass (FM), fat-free mass, speed, endurance, standing long jump, countermovement jump (CMJ), mean power in 30 s jumping test (Pmean) (p<0.001, ?2=0.23) with older players presenting higher values. Within each age group, overweight players had higher BM, BMI, body fat percentage and FM (p<0.05) than their normal weight counterparts. Overweight players had worst performance in running (sprint and endurance) and jumping (CMJ and Pmean) in U-12, and worst endurance in U-18 (p<0.05, |d|=0.82) than normal-weight players, whereas there was no difference in U-15.

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Pantelis Theodoros Nikolaidis, Abbas Asadi, Eduardo J.A.M. Santos, Julio Calleja-González, Johnny Padulo, Hamdi Chtourou, and Erika Zemkova
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Educación Física y Salud
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Estudio académico

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