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Analysis of shooting effectiveness and decision-making during shooting according to basket height modifications at the youth stage


The aim of the present study was to identify the effect of a basketball unit of work that modifies the height of the hoop on the shooting effectiveness, the shooting decision-making process, and the ball possessions ending with a shot. The study was a cuasiexperiment with control and experimental groups measured pre and post intervention. The basketball unit of work was composed of 10 lessons that were applied to a sample of 74 students (14 years old). Control group received the lessons with the regular height of the basket (3.05m) and the experimental group received the lessons with variations in the height of the basket according to each task. The evaluation task was a 3 vs. 3 game situation. The results showed that experimental group increased the number of shots, the shooting effectiveness, as well as the decision-making process related to shooting action. The results enhance the need to modify and adapt the basketball height to the tasks and exercises specificity, and then to improve the shooting efficiency and effectiveness.

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Enrique Ortega, Francisco Alarcón and Miguel A. Gómez
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Estudio académico

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