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Recovering performance in the short term after coach succession in Spanish basketball organisations


[DE PAGO] Research papers on succession processes in sports organisations have usually shown contradictory results. Several factors can explain the different effects on performance after changes, so the purpose of this paper is to obtain a better understanding of coach changes and their impacts on short-term performance. For this purpose, we use ordinary least squares (with Stata) to analyse panel data from a longitudinal sample of 15 years (from the 1997–1998 season to the 2011–2012 season) of Spanish professional basketball organisations, examining all changes in head coaches that occurred during the teams’ competitive seasons using the variables of coach experience or human capital changes within the organisation after the change of coach to determine the repercussions of these changes on performance. The results, with p?

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Samuel Gómez-Haro & Román Salmerón-Gómez
Clubes, Entrenadores
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Filosofía del Juego
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Estudio académico

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