Analytics and Free Throw Shooting: Perception vs. Reality


Free throw shooting is one of the simplest skills in basketball and yet one of the most complex and overlooked aspects of the game. Crucial free throws have resulted in a team winning a championship but also a team losing at the highest level. In fact, players at all levels have experienced the harsh reality of missing these crucial free throw attempts. This study focuses on developing a uniform method of improving free throw shooting that can be taught to all genders and ages. Using techniques that help reduce anxiety, establish physical and mental routine, as well as monitor sleep and hydration coaches can assist in helping players become better free throw shooters. The men’s basketball team at George Mason University participated in the study and saw their free throw shooting rise form the 2015/16 season to the 2016/17 season. It appears that there is a correlation between this uniform methodology and improved free throw shooting. However, other variables may have contributed to this improvement as well.

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Analytics and Free Throw Shooting: Perception vs. Reality

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